Midterm 1 Study guide


You will need to bring a number 2 pencil for the Scantron. Scantron sheets will be provided. The midterm will be a total of \(15\) questions giving approximately \(5\) minutes to spend per question. There will be \(2\) short answer questions similar to quiz questions and \(13\) multiple choice questions. The midterm will cover the content from the book sections:

There will be an emphasis on the following topics:

Suggested problems

In Pearson, there is an online miderm 1 review – this is not scored for the final grade, and you can ignore problems that go beyond section 4.2. Problems in this review will be similar to some of the multiple choice questions.

In the textbook, you are recommended to study chapter review problems that emphasize the above topics.

In the lectures, you are recommended to study all discussion questions that emphasize the above topics.

You are recommended to review all quiz questions, the short answer questions will probability be similar to the questions you have seen.